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Product available in January 2016.

San Millán

The origin of goodness.

The story began years ago, and we still believe it was glorious. Back in 2010, in San Millán de la Cogolla, goodness was born in the shape of wine. As they say, gratitude is the best attitude, so we decided to name it San Millan.

Made with the best grapes from Rioja and Ribera del Duero, hand-picked by over one thousand cherubs, San Millán is a wine from Heaven to be enjoyed on Earth. A unique beverage to feel in the mouth – and in the soul. The heavenly flavours of the fruit is so deep that it will rejoice the heart.

San Millán is, to put it briefly, goodness in a glass.

Drink it to learn how good goodness feels.

As promised by San Millán.