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Product available in January 2016.


San Millán Rosé 2015

This wine is named after San Millán de la Corolla in The Rioja, whose monasteries are Unesco world heritage.

Winegrowing region

D.O. Catalunya


Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo


Grapes from selected vineyards in the most Mediterranean part of the wine region. The influence of sea breeze on grape ripening gives rise to refined, elegant wines. The soils are typical of the Mediterranean basin, with a loamy texture and high limestone content, contributing minerality to the wines.


San Millán’s harvesting was done expediently at night, taking advantage of the lower temperatures to preserve the primary aromas. On entering the winery, after destemming and cooling to a temperature of 10ºC the grapes were separated into two batches.
The first were poured into stainless steel tanks where they macerated for 12-18 hours until the appropriate colour was extracted.
The free run juice was then poured into other vats where it remained until it was clarified and cleaned.
The clean must was then fermented at 14ºC to conserve its aromas. The second batch of grapes was pressed directly and the first fractions were poured into a tank where they also fermented at 14ºC.

Analytical Properties

Alcohol by volume: 12,5%

Tasting notes

Aspect: Bright pale pink resembling the petals of the first spring roses.

Nose: Aromatically subtle with elegant strawberry notes, typical of a good Tempranillo, soft floral touches, reminiscences of grapefruit and a light undercurrent of anise.

Mouthfeel: A friendly entry which denotes a great deal of volume and a pleasant texture, giving the wine a long finish.

The winemaker’s recommendations

This wine is ready to drink now. Best serve at 8-10ºC. 

Food matching

The San Millán Rosé is a wine that pairs to the perfection with all kinds of tapas, oily fish (tuna, salmon and sardines), pasta and rice dishes or pizza, dark meat poultry such as quail or pheasant.